About me

Watch for Good

UX Architecture

Community Outreach

Watch for Good is a charitable social network and marketplace with a goal of increasing the corporate social responsibility footprint within the giving community through sponsorships, fundraising, advocacy, and social commerce.


There are many good ideas out there that go nowhere because of a lack of help. I was fortunate enough to volunteer my time to help someone get started with a good idea to do good, amid the COVID-19 global pandemic.


Understand the overall product idea and build out the foundation of the mobile app.


Delivered wireframes for the MVP product as well as basic UI assets.

My Role

UX architect working with the executive director

Identify the Needs

Since the executive director didn’t have experience with product management, I worked with him to identify key features. From there, we created a list of prioritized requirements and identified MVP items. I also took the time to understand the envisioned business model.


Since I took the time to align myself with the executive director’s visions for the app, I was able to move quickly into wireframe creation.

Final Deliverables

The final handoff included wireframes for 3 user types: consumers, corporate sponsors, and nonprofits. As a bonus, I also laid down basic color concepts and sample UI for the team.

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