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Bubble is a no-code platform for creating digital products.


An element template is a group of Bubble elements and their workflows that can speed up development in the Bubble app. How can we incorporate the distribution or selling of element templates in the Bubble ecosystem?


Because this challenge had a suggested 4-hour constraint, I made the assumption that the problem was identified by a previous user research session and got started with ideating the solution right away. Studying how Bubble elements and plug-ins were marketed on the Bubble app, I was able to quickly create wireframes for the workflow to sell Bubble element templates.

Understanding the marketplace structure made me realize that we needed to support creator role users to create and publish the templates, and to support Bubble app users to browse and install Bubble element templates from within the application and from the online marketplace.

Final Mocks


Simpplr is an intranet software aimed to help employees collaborate across departments and stay connected to the broader organization.


Customers are encouraged to update various aspects of their Simpplr application in accordance with their brand guidelines. Using the Brand Editor, an admin can upload their company logo and update color schemes and appearance. I was tasked to redesign the Brand Editor while paying attention to the following: information architecture, user interface, and overall usability.


Because the challenge was very open ended. I decided to first understand the Brand Editor features by observing how users interacted with the existing Brand Editor. I also walked through the feature as an expert to identify usability issues. Doing the initial research helped me identify a need for the Brand Editor to provide better visibility of system statuses.

My solution was to include a preview of the changes being made to help the user keep track of the changes better.

Final Mocks

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