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LoansPQ Reimagined

Product Design


MeridianLink provides end-to-end SaaS cloud-based products and services that span the entire digital lending journey.

LoansPQ (now MeridianLink Consumer) is the industry's leading loan origination system, providing a full loan product suite to banks and credit unions.


Since its formation in 1998, MeridianLink has been an innovative leader in the loans origination software market, providing advanced solutions to financial institutions through LoansPQ. However, despite having a stronghold in the loans origination market, LoansPQ slowly became an undesired system bloated with complex functionalities over the years. We were determined to reimagine the loan origination workflow, reigniting the charm of LoansPQ to bring delightful user experiences back to our clients.


Improve the overall user experience of LoansPQ.


We collected usability data using a System Usability Scale (SUS) questionnaire. LoansPQ had a usability score of 64 while the prototype received an average score of 80. Just to put things in perspective, a SUS score above 68 is considered above average.

My Role

I was one of four designers working with 2 business analysts, 1 product management lead, as well as 4 teams of developers.

Identify the Needs

After conducting contextual inquiries and synthesizing the insights into task flow diagrams, we mapped out our users’ journey within LoansPQ. We also went through the happy paths as experts to identify any usability faux pas.


Our research suggested that the overwhelming amount of input fields and pages within the application was a common source of frustration. Time is a valuable factor for our users so we removed unused fields and pages to shorten the application. We then reorganized and consolidated the remaining fields and pages to provide an optimized loan application flow.

To keep the workflow straightforward, we classified uncommon features within the application as secondary features and tucked them away to promote progressive disclosure.

Final Mocks

Creating high fidelity mockups and prototypes was no problem at all thanks to our initial effort in establishing the ATLAS design system and the associated design asset libraries.

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