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OYD / OTP Authentication

Product Design


KeyBank is a regional bank with a footprint in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest.

Own Your Day (OYD) provides client information and insights for bankers to facilitate the client servicing experience.


Client authentication is a crucial step for servicing calls at KeyBank. Currently, client authentication is performed outside of Own Your Day. How can we incorporate this important feature into Own Your Day?


1. Increase leads worked through the Own Your Day platform.

2. Streamline the client servicing workflow by removing the bankers dependency on another system for client authentication.

My Role

I was the primary designer working with a product owner.

Identify the Needs

One-Time Passcode authentication was a feature that existed in many other KeyBank products. The tricky part of this project was actually to identify the entry points within OYD to ensure the least amount of friction introduced to the existing workflows. I was able to work with the product owner to explore and identify potential entry points.


Once we figured out where OTP was necessary. I created wireframes of the OTP workflows based on the expectations set by the team. Several iterations were needed as we discovered constraints along the way by speaking with the developers and security compliance specialists.


Creating prototypes was extremely helpful to the team overall due to the several entry points to this feature. I was able to use the prototype to explain my solution better as I gathered feedback from the product owner and other stakeholders throughout the process. Development teams were able to better understand the requirements by interacting with the prototype.

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