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OYD / ARL Dashboard

Product Design


KeyBank is a regional bank with a footprint in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest.

Area Retail Leaders (ARLs) oversee the operations of several KeyBank branches in a specific region. These professionals often train and motivate each branch’s managers and employees, and ensure that each branch is meeting sales goals.


After the successful launch of Own Your Day, we realized the need for additional support for managerial roles in the regional bank setting. Even though tellers, bankers, and branch managers were using OYD on the daily, we were lacking reporting and performance tracking capabilities for the area retail leaders.


Increase adoption of OYD by more KeyBank branches and amount of leads worked through OYD.

My Role

I was the primary designer working with a product owner.

Identify the Needs

Working with the product owner, I was able to learn about ARLs and their responsibilities. I was also able to speak with a few ARLs on video calls to better understand their work practices and behaviors.


The ARL’s main duty is to oversee KeyBank branches and ensure operation success in those locations. Being able to quickly view data points of branches as well as individual team members was critical for ARLs. Using this information, I was able to create wireframes and iterate through feedback sessions with the PO, development team, and ARLs.


Prototyping was key in creating the experience. It allowed me to make sure all the pieces were there; the feature was seamlessly flowing within OYD, creating a familiar yet unique experience for the Area Retail Leaders.

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