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FanCo: E-Commerce Ideation

what is fanco?

FanCo is an e-commerce business that specializes in the merchandising of fan art related to movies, television shows, and animation. FanCo is a newly found company formed by the increasing popularity and demand for fan art.


creating a style guide

Because the e-commerce website will have multiple pages each having its own function, I  need to make sure the overall design is well unified. Creating a style guide not only fulfills that purpose but also makes it easy for other designers to jump right in in the future.


establishing visual hierarchy

Once I have clearly defined the style of the business, I began developing wireframes of the essential pages to establish their visual hierarchy. This step is important because as an e-commerce business, the most important information should be made most noticeable to the consumers.


Creating visual mock-ups

Combining the visual hierarchy and style guidelines, I created mock-up pages for FanCo.

FanCo Prototype Collage.jpg

And as always, I used these mock-up pages to create a testable prototype using Axure.